This comforted the girl becauseanytime she was afraid at night

Humans Can Lick Too

Parents Leave Teen Daughter Home AloneHere’s how this tale (sometimes alternately titled “The Licked Hand”) goes:

A teen girl lived with her father, mother and faithful pooch in cheap moncler jackets womens a pleasant suburban neighborhood. Feeling that their daughter was finally moncler outlet sale of age (15) to look after herself while they went out for a few hours of entertainment, the parents left the daughter home alone. They instructed her to lock all the doors after their departure, and left all appropriate emergency phone numbers written down for their daughter to use if necessary.

After the parents left, the teen did some moncler online store homework then watched moncler outlet woodbury some television and had a rather ordinary evening. Later into the moncler outlet evening, however, even though her parents hadn’t returned home yet, she faced a small dilemma: appear confident and capable to her parents and just go to bed or else watch and wait up for her parents to arrive back home. Although the teen was a bit nervous about being alone, she didn’t want her parents to find this out and, perhaps, not trust her to be on her own again. She decided to go to bed and not wait up for them. After all, she really wasn’t TOTALLY alone. Her dog was with her and this was comforting to her.

Off she went to bed, her pooch settling beside the bed, laying on the floor moncler moncler outlet usa as he usually did each night. Nervous or not, it wasn’t long best moncler jackets until the teen fell asleep.

The teen stirred from slumber briefly, hearing a noise sort of like monclerdownjacket a dripping faucet from down the hall. It was slightly annoying but of little concern to the sleepy teen. It probably meant that her parents had returned home and had used the bathroom faucet recently, that’s all. She reached a hand down beside her bed and the dog comforted her by licking her hand, so she put any worries about the noise aside and allowed herself to fall back asleep.

Pretty soon, the teen stirred again, hearing the dripping sound uk moncler sale some more. Affected by a strain of apprehension, she wondered why her parents hadn’t stopped up the faucet yet. She reached down her cheap moncler jackets mens hand and felt the dog lick her hand again, but really was getting too warm moncler uk outlet and comfortable under her blankets to think more on the matter. Besides, her pooch was beside her for protection. She went back to sleep.

The teen awakened a moncler sale outlet third time, still noting a dripping noise nearby. Annoyed this time, she looked across to her alarm moncler outlet store clock on the bedside table. The time glowed from the table: 3:30am. She decided to go tighten the faucet herself in order to finally get some uninterrupted uk moncler outlet sleep. She noted that her dog moncler sale online wasn’t beside the bed when she swung her legs down from the bed.

As she walked to the cheap moncler coats mens bathroom, the dripping moncler outlet prices noise sounded more clear, so she was glad she decided to just get up and fix this problem. She was so overwhelmed that she gagged instead of screaming. She turned to run away but was stopped in her tracks when she moncler outlet online glanced at the mirror.

Written in big letters, from the dog’s blood:

The ‘kitchen’ VersionA little girl had a dog that slept under her bed every night. This comforted the girl becauseanytime she was afraid at night, she would reach her hand under the bed and thus, know that she was not alone when her dog would lick her hand. This measure of comfort would allow her tofeel safe and fall easily cheap moncler jackets and quickly back to sleep.

One night, the girl went to sleep but was awakened in the middle of the night by a strange noise. She lay awake listening, but heard nothing further that was of concern. Shecould clearly hear a familiar sound that of a dog panting, so she assumed that, perhaps, her moncler womens jackets dog had just recently bumped intosomething in the night,causing the noise that had awakened her before returningto lay under her bed. She reached her hand down and under the bed. In a few seconds, she felt the moncler sale dog lick her hand, so she was comforted and fell back to sleep.

Some time later, the girl woke up again. This time, it was because she was hungry. She got out of bed and went to the kitchen, and as she entered the kitchen, she stopped because she heard a noise.

But the faucet wasn’t dripping at all.

When she peered into the sink basin, she saw a bloodied butcher knife and thought it strange that her parents hadn’t at least rinsed something like that off and discount moncler jackets put it back away properly. She felt suddenly frightened by the sight and also became aware of the dripping noise again. In her anxiety, she backed up against the fridge, scanningthepoorly moonlight room with eyes darting nervously. All the while, she continued to hear, “Drip, drip, drip, drip.”

Finally, she spun and opened the fridge door to shed some light on the situation.

There, hanging inside the fridge was her pet dog, freshly butchered.

Alternate VersionsThis urban legend is also called “Doggy Lick,” “Humans Lick Too,” “Licked Hand,” “People Lick, Too,” “The Licked Hand,” and similar variations and word combinations referring to “lick,” “hand,” “humans,” and “people.”

Along with slightly different titles, there are slight variations in details which make this urban legend very interesting. Below are possibilities for this urban legend.

the person who is home alone is a teenager

the person who is home alone is an elderly person

the person who is home is in her early 20’s (for the US, this is still considered “youth” and age of minority in most states, so the persona is still at a “risky” age)

I have not yet come across a version of this urban legend where the person home alone is male

I have not yet come across a version of this urban legend where the age of the person home alone is under teenage years however there’s a “home alone” urban legend with two siblings, one of which is pre teen, called, “Knock Knock Knock” and it’s pretty scaryDetails About The Dog:

the cheap moncler sale dog gets locked in the basement and is unharmed the girl has been trying to sleep and hears noises from outside her room, somewhere in the house. She puts her hand by the side of the bed and her hand is licked. This repeats several times until the noises she hears are a bit louder. creepy.

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