This text when around to almost canada goose outlet every

What was your school’s ‘incident’

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At Northeastern University, ten tons of concrete fell four stories from the facade of a school owned dorm onto the sidewalk of the busy street that the university is centered on (Huntington Avenue). not Lansdowne Street before a Red Sox game but not canada goose uk outlet some neighborhood sidewalk on canada goose black friday sale a residential Canada Goose Coats On Sale street either). It goose outlet canada was 8:15am when it happened.

Somehow, no one was on that canada goose coats on sale sidewalk, and no one was hurt. It was a Tuesday IIRC, and orientation was happening, canada goose outlet online uk which consists of lots of group tours/walks around campus. Simply amazing. When buy canada goose jacket cheap the canada goose uk shop school district decided to get rid of block scheduling and goto traditional 6 classes a day all canada goose outlet uk year the students protested. This text when around to almost canada goose outlet every student in canadian goose jacket the school canada goose outlet shop and almost the entire student body gathered in the middle of the school cheap Canada Goose for a “peaceful protest” it ended up us canada goose outlet online watching kids running hysterically from the canada goose coats cops who were fully suited up Canada Goose Parka in riot gear and kids getting tased.

Me and a group of friends canada goose outlet black friday discovered it had been set off in a stair way were we used to hang at break time, because we were choking canada goose uk black friday and coughing non stop. Alerted staff, but it wasn until lunch time when we came back from the gym that there was police, ambulances and helicopters all over the school. They didn know what buy canada goose jacket the gas was and suddenly everyone needed to be seen by a doctor and official canada goose outlet canada goose store was kept inside the classrooms. Parents were turning up and creating a mob outside. Two dad got into a fight near the police helicopter that had landed in cheap canada goose uk canada goose outlet sale our field and got arrested. He was transferred to a junior high while we canada goose outlet new york city were canada goose black friday sale in grade 12, and their relationship continued; they would prance around the halls after hours at the junior high which was caught on camera and Canada Goose Online how he was busted canada goose jacket outlet (not so smart).

Apparently, she was living in an apartment at the time due to rough home life, and her boyfriend would canada goose outlet toronto factory come by, they’d have sex, he’d leave, then the teacher would come over with groceries for canada goose factory sale her, they’d have sex, and the cycle continued for months, unbeknownst to the bf.

He was arrested canada goose outlet store the year after high school; of course his homelife with his wife and 2 kids was ruined. No one noticed that when she got her picture taken with they canada goose outlet jackets guy who won, she crossed her arms and flipped uk canada goose outlet off the camera. It Canada Goose online wasn until the last day of school when the yearbooks were handed out that people noticed. Except for me. I was on the yearbook committee, canada goose I was in charge of those pages, and I had noticed when putting things together. I intentionally left it there cuz she pulled it off well and no one else noticed. She did it smooth, so fuck canada goose outlet nyc it, she earned that bird in the book. Still have it around here somewhere.

Edit: for those asking uk canada goose for the pic, I will try to find it in the next couple days. If I get lucky, what sub should I post it on so you be more likely to see it? canada goose outlet in usa Or should I just post the link here as an additional edit?A few other students and I passed out from the chemicals they use during dissections. I didn really fully pass out, I just felt awful in my entire body, asked to go to the washroom, then got super light headed in the hallway and slumped myself Canada Goose Outlet against the lockers. A teacher walked by and between the fact canada goose clearance that I was leaning on the lockers and that according to her that my face was literally green, she canada goose outlet uk sale figured out something was wrong and got another teacher and they limped me to the Canada Goose sale elevator then to canada goose outlet store uk the office where I eventually got picked canada goose factory outlet up and brought Canada Goose Jackets home. I missed a test because of that and my teacher didn believe my story until she heard from the other teachers that kids had been passing out in a certain science class (my science class) so she asked if I was one of them and canada goose outlet canada they told her how my face was green which is kinda hard to fake so she gave me an extension.

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