1 point submitted 3 months agoWhy though? Ever felt the rush

M2Dazas u

21 points submitted 1 day agoFine, he could have just kept his big fucking mouth shut, be neutral about gamer gate and just focused on writing reviews and kept me as a fan forever, but ooooohhhhh noooooooo, can fucking do that. That would be asking too fucking much.Good fucking luck getting into heaven now, John. You on record.I hope when you get to the pearly gates that just looks at you and says: “Really, John? Really? Are you fucking kidding me with the Zoe Quinn and uk canada goose Kotaku knob gobbling bullshit? canada goose coats on sale I let you live long enough so you could set up a nestegg for your family and that mentioning your stupid podcast instead of criticizing Zoe Quinn? Seriously? Seriously, John?Oh well if nothing else, cheap canada goose uk it just one less vote for commie Corbyn next election.How many free prizes and gifts did the tumour pedaeller do for his loyal following and fans that he cares so much about? How much money or how many hours of Canada Goose online volunteering did cancer boy donate to help disability gaming charities?This is probably my most classless post ever and I canada goose uk shop don even give a fuck. Words cannot describe how fucking pissed off I am right now. 1 point submitted 29 days agoTBH I am in my early 20s right now going through a lot of stuff but I don know how someone can afford a 15/month sub. After rent, savings, food, some RL activities (club, cinema, barbecue, etc. (not all of them the smae month tho)) I still have some spare money for a sub. Don misunderstand me I don want to brag or something (not that I have much to brag about my pay is shit), I just don know anybody who hasn some for a sub. Probably depends on the country but where I live nobody thinks 15 for 30 days is much (especially when one ticket in the cinema costs 15 as well and it only entertains me 2 hours) 1 point submitted 3 months agoLast night I received a 1 day chat ban for “offensive language” but did not receive a chat log specifically pointing out what Canada Goose sale I said. Other than a few f bombs to emphasize my point of the team not listening and lemming to C on Hotspot, I did not directly address it to anyone.Looking back I maybe should have not said them but buy canada goose jacket cheap it was in a Canada Goose Parka moment of extreme frustration. 5 game losing streak, just unlocked the Roon and had a retraining commander, MM decides it can somehow find 3 Midways in a row to piss me off. The ban was just icing on the cake of a shitty couple of games.M2Dazas 1 point canadian goose jacket submitted 3 months agoa day without a 1 day chat ban canada https://www.radondenvercolorado.com goose uk black friday isnt a good day. its just the canada goose clearance sale automated system when you eat to many reports. if you collect enough bans canada goose clearance i guess WG will eventually impose some more serious strikes against the account. i have recieved 30+ 1 day chat bans by canada goose store now without any further consequences whatsoever. sometimes ill get chatbanned mere hours after the previous ban was lifted. its all fun and cheap Canada Goose games. have to switch accounts ofc when it happens so you can keep on flaming, because Canada Goose Jackets who would want to play WoWs without letting them filthy casuals know that theyre proper garbage. i wouldnt care to much about those bans. sometimes well report spam potato players for misconduct in chat to get them chat canada goose black friday sale banned, because its the only report function that actually does shit. its fun when it actually works and they come back the next day and cry you a river. i love this game. the report system is a fucking joke and so is WGs CS policy. Might as well exploit it for maximum lulz. 1 point submitted 3 months buy canada goose jacket agoOr you can be intelligent and not constantly lose those 15 bil subcaps or 25bil supers because you choose engagements wisely instead of going willy nilly because the fight with caps on grid canada goose uk outlet tends to go very one sidedly after both parties get Canada Goose Online on grid, you either dunk the other party or get dreadbombed back, in both cases you actually do the real fighting before any ships land on grid by working Canada Goose Outlet on your risk assesment, spies on stagings and intel gathering.Also stop stuffing officer mods to your battleships unless you going to AT as flagship. Purple mods are not worth it.M2Dazas 1 point submitted 3 months agoThe people i fly with and canada goose I choose our engagements very wisely. Probably more whisely then most top level block FCs. As long as it does not interfere with our fun/hr. Because where is the fun in dunking shit if it was not well earned, not only by intel gathering and meta fuckery but by each and everyone involved giving their utmost best? Where is the fun in putting your shit on the line when you know youre not actually putting your shit on the line? Im totally fine with losing billions in uphill battles if the later is the case. I dont care. Its just pixels. Thats why winning (for whatever that might be in eve) doesnt really matter in the long run. Still one of the most competent PvP centered alliances in canada goose factory sale this game (an alliance i have been part of multiple times with multiple chars). And yet you feel the need to hide under some block meta umbrella. Not because you cant do shit on your own. But because you know that when shit really hits the fan, someone will be canada goose coats their canada goose online to bail you out. How boring and pathetic is that?Also stop stuffing officer mods to your battleships unless you going to AT as flagship.Why though? Ever felt the rush of flying a 15 bil glascannon into an engagement with 1:25 odds? That is actual risk vs reward. 1 point submitted 3 months agoWhy though? Ever felt the rush of flying a 15 bil glascannon into an engagement with 1:25 odds? That is actual risk vs reward.25bil and gank nyx, much more uk canada goose outlet fun tyvm. That Canada Goose Coats On Sale just my personal opinion, since people differ on those and while your playstyle might suit you, looting your 15bil battleship wreck suits me better.

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