They canadian goose jacket help fill the greedy jaws of the

canadian goose jacket The Digital Revolution’s ‘Citizen Journalists’ Are Ruining Our Film buy canada goose jacket cheap Experience

canada goose black friday sale Discovering titbits about plot twists and epic never seen before explosive scenes is all part of the film world fun.

Canada Goose Outlet But I getting increasingly perturbed by over zealous people with camera phones and too Canada Goose sale much time on their hands. More and more people uk canada goose outlet are uploading out of focus canada goose uk shop and completely out of context [with the film storyline and concept] images from film sets, usually taken more than a buy canada goose jacket year before the finished movie is due to be released.

canada goose deals These trigger happy camera phone people who we will lump in with the slightly derogatory but very accurate term journalists” (as it suggests they have no qualifications, rights or skills to be reporting on anything) that just happened to be there and really should get the hell back to their day job and read something written by professionals instead. They are clearly not real movie fans.

canada goose If these journalists were bona fide movie fans, they truly understand the pleasure and joyous anticipation of being teased with trailers and appropriate poster campaigns canada goose instead of shaky YouTube footage captured on a lunch break from half a mile away and then uploaded online.

And yes, I am aware that film news websites partly rely on these types of on set videos and Canada Goose Parka images because they become instant entertainment news updates. They canadian goose jacket help fill the greedy jaws of the rampant, hungry internet beast that is jam packed with endless film sites waiting to push a Canada Goose online digital wave of film spoilers across the globe.

So then, am I saying put an end to something that is a result of 24 hour worldwide digital media? Something that can often canada goose clearance work as a positive marketing tool for a movie? And something that is a positive Canada Goose Outlet content provider for news hungry film websites?

canada goose clearance sale No, I not. Because this is what editors are for.

canada goose coats These professional, experienced and well trained editors the ones true movie buffs look up to and respect because of their understanding of the big, fun game of teasing out a story over a period of time need to show restraint in not publishing some of the completely unofficial, out of context images that reveal how the baddie gets killed at the end of a film a whole year before any special canada goose store effects, music, sound, lighting and character development have been added.

Canada Goose online I acknowledge this movie spoiler practice is not new. Both journalists and film studios are guilty of leaking the kind of poor quality, confusing images they wouldn be happy to Canada Goose Jackets take home to show their mothers over dinner. But, just recently, it seems the journalists have been going wild, enticing movie websites with their badly rendered photography and quickly edited footage of uk canada goose scenes in progress from upcoming blockbusters such as the “Dark Knight Rises,” “Judge Dredd” and “Man of Steel.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap We had Batwing crashes, stunt double incidents and Catwoman cock ups from Canada Goose Online “Dark Knight Rises,” ridiculously boring pictures of a cordoned off house from “Man of Steel,” and a Canada Goose Coats On Sale badly lit image of Karl Urban from “Judge cheap canada goose uk Dredd.” canada goose black friday sale This last one had JD comic canada goose uk black friday fans wetting their pants in disgrace at canada goose coats how bad the picture was and so, therefore, how terrible they thought the movie was likely to be.

canada goose store And therein lies the real problem.

canada goose coats on sale Because, if movie studios can stem the waterfall of unofficial on set image release then there the potential, revenue damaging danger for fans to make negative judgments on unfinished movies 12 months before they come out. They might share that negative judgment with their several hundred digitised friends a judgment likely to stay with them all so they think twice about going to see that film when it does, eventually, come out in theaters.

Canada Goose Parka The hype surrounding new films is important, of course. How else can studios market their product? But that part of the movie game and not what I talking about.

buy canada goose jacket There is a real difference between officially sanctioned material and crap, blurry on set footage shot from eight hundred cheap Canada Goose feet away. Not only does the latter ruin the mythical and magical status of a film and its brand, it changes how audiences eventually canada goose coats on sale view the finished product. In the back of their mind, they be canada goose outlet watching canada goose clearance sale the film (at the cinema hopefully) and looking out for that Batwing crash that seemed canada goose uk outlet so awful, so slow, so lacklustre in the footage they saw on YouTube.

canada goose clearance Good viral marketing helps, bad viral marketing can kill an upcoming film. But, short of all studios investing in cell phone jammers for every set to stop would be journalists how can this issue be stopped or at least made good?

cheap Canada Goose Well, as an example of doing on set footage properly, let take Rupert Wyatt recent “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Here is an intelligent, fantastically executed, even beautifully made movie that was shot almost completely under the journalist radar.

What I mean is, any on set footage was filmed and controlled by 20th Century Fox not a 12 year old with an iPhone and internet access and released appropriately.

The result: no preconceived, negative views from an excited audience and a smash hit, brilliant movie.

Canada Goose sale So, if you canada goose factory sale a journalist and you guilty of clicking/shooting and uploading awful on set movie images that ruin our fun, then shame on you.

Be warned: if I see you, I be confiscating your phone, sending you to your bedroom and telling your mother. Film Industry Pie Will This Reform Work.

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