They canadian goose jacket help fill the greedy jaws of the

canadian goose jacket The Digital Revolution’s ‘Citizen Journalists’ Are Ruining Our Film buy canada goose jacket cheap Experience

canada goose black friday sale Discovering titbits about plot twists and epic never seen before explosive scenes is all part of the film world fun.

Canada Goose Outlet But I getting increasingly perturbed by over zealous people with camera phones and too Canada Goose sale much time on their hands. More and more people uk canada goose outlet are uploading out of focus canada goose uk shop and completely out of context [with the film storyline and concept] images from film sets, usually taken more than a buy canada goose jacket year before the finished movie is due to be released.

canada goose deals These trigger happy camera phone people who we will lump in with the slightly derogatory but very accurate term journalists” (as it suggests they have no qualifications, rights or skills to be reporting on anything) that just happened to be there and really should get the hell back to their day job and read something written by professionals instead. They are clearly not real movie fans.

canada goose If these journalists were bona fide movie fans, they truly understand the pleasure and joyous anticipation of being teased with trailers and appropriate poster campaigns canada goose instead of shaky YouTube footage captured on a lunch break from half a mile away and then uploaded online.

And yes, I am aware that film news websites partly rely on these types of on set videos and Canada Goose Parka images because they become instant entertainment news updates. They canadian goose jacket help fill the greedy jaws of the rampant, hungry internet beast that is jam packed with endless film sites waiting to push a Canada Goose online digital wave of film spoilers across the globe.

So then, am I saying put an end to something that is a result of 24 hour worldwide digital media? Something that can often canada goose clearance work as a positive marketing tool for a movie? And something that is a positive Canada Goose Outlet content provider for news hungry film websites?

canada goose clearance sale No, I not. Because this is what editors are for.

canada goose coats These professional, experienced and well trained editors the ones true movie buffs look up to and respect because of their understanding of the big, fun game of teasing out a story over a period of time need to show restraint in not publishing some of the completely unofficial, out of context images that reveal how the baddie gets killed at the end of a film a whole year before any special canada goose store effects, music, sound, lighting and character development have been added.

Canada Goose online I acknowledge this movie spoiler practice is not new. Both journalists and film studios are guilty of leaking the kind of poor quality, confusing images they wouldn be happy to Canada Goose Jackets take home to show their mothers over dinner. But, just recently, it seems the journalists have been going wild, enticing movie websites with their badly rendered photography and quickly edited footage of uk canada goose scenes in progress from upcoming blockbusters such as the “Dark Knight Rises,” “Judge Dredd” and “Man of Steel.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap We had Batwing crashes, stunt double incidents and Catwoman cock ups from Canada Goose Online “Dark Knight Rises,” ridiculously boring pictures of a cordoned off house from “Man of Steel,” and a Canada Goose Coats On Sale badly lit image of Karl Urban from “Judge cheap canada goose uk Dredd.” canada goose black friday sale This last one had JD comic canada goose uk black friday fans wetting their pants in disgrace at canada goose coats how bad the picture was and so, therefore, how terrible they thought the movie was likely to be.

canada goose store And therein lies the real problem.

canada goose coats on sale Because, if movie studios can stem the waterfall of unofficial on set image release then there the potential, revenue damaging danger for fans to make negative judgments on unfinished movies 12 months before they come out. They might share that negative judgment with their several hundred digitised friends a judgment likely to stay with them all so they think twice about going to see that film when it does, eventually, come out in theaters.

Canada Goose Parka The hype surrounding new films is important, of course. How else can studios market their product? But that part of the movie game and not what I talking about.

buy canada goose jacket There is a real difference between officially sanctioned material and crap, blurry on set footage shot from eight hundred cheap Canada Goose feet away. Not only does the latter ruin the mythical and magical status of a film and its brand, it changes how audiences eventually canada goose coats on sale view the finished product. In the back of their mind, they be canada goose outlet watching canada goose clearance sale the film (at the cinema hopefully) and looking out for that Batwing crash that seemed canada goose uk outlet so awful, so slow, so lacklustre in the footage they saw on YouTube.

canada goose clearance Good viral marketing helps, bad viral marketing can kill an upcoming film. But, short of all studios investing in cell phone jammers for every set to stop would be journalists how can this issue be stopped or at least made good?

cheap Canada Goose Well, as an example of doing on set footage properly, let take Rupert Wyatt recent “Rise of the Planet of the Apes.” Here is an intelligent, fantastically executed, even beautifully made movie that was shot almost completely under the journalist radar.

What I mean is, any on set footage was filmed and controlled by 20th Century Fox not a 12 year old with an iPhone and internet access and released appropriately.

The result: no preconceived, negative views from an excited audience and a smash hit, brilliant movie.

Canada Goose sale So, if you canada goose factory sale a journalist and you guilty of clicking/shooting and uploading awful on set movie images that ruin our fun, then shame on you.

Be warned: if I see you, I be confiscating your phone, sending you to your bedroom and telling your mother. Film Industry Pie Will This Reform Work.

Dropping as many hints as you want

canada goose black friday sale Former Trump aide Rick Gates to plead guilty

Canada Goose online Actually, buy canada goose jacket it seems, that it took the devil himself to bring them down. I have a feeling these men have been investigated before and bought off or bullied the weaker investigators into leaving them alone.I only say that, because being Canada Goose online disappointed that this hasn’t happened before is the wrong way to look at it. Be grateful that these men finally fucked up enough to summon, what looks to be, canada goose coats on sale the wrath of god down on them. Before they had just simply gone under the radar. Hopefully now more corners will start being swept, canada goose black friday sale and others like them won’t be able to hide any longerI argue that it’s escalation and they got too comfortable. Most criminals will tell you that the first time they committed a crime, they were nervous and overthinking everything, but by the tenth time they were comfortable with what they were doing. Many career criminals get caught because they got lazy. I grew up in a low income area, canada goose clearance and most drug dealers I knew have the same story. They got comfortable/lazy and made a mistake they normally wouldn’t have. Sold to somebody they didn’t know, agreed to a deal that sounds like a set up, Canada Goose Outlet or they just got too canadian goose jacket obvious (having large amounts of drugs in the car, flashing their canada goose coats money while working a minimum wage job, etc.).You learn what you need to kill and take care of the details. It’s like changing cheap Canada Goose a tire. The first time you’re careful. By the thirtieth time, you can’t remember where you left the lug wrenchThat’s a quote from Ted Bundy to back up my theory.So my guess is they started out small (embezzlement, minor bribes to obviously corrupt officials, pushing the line of legality till they overstepped it) and when they got away with it, they got more and more comfortable. They took bigger and bigger risks. Finally, Canada Goose Online they took it too far. They pushed it until they buy canada goose jacket cheap drew the attention of someone bigger and badder than they were. They operated with impunity in their own circles until now.If I had to draw a normal parallel, I’d say it’s like skipping steps at work. Everyone skips a step, because everyone else skips a step, because that step is unnecessary in the everyday routine. Then one day an inspector comes canada goose clearance sale up by, and everyone’s SOL because while nobody in the office was following that step, they still needed to. And now they’re all SOL when the previous day, skipping that step wasn’t even a big deal. They probably forgot they were even skipping that step until someone else comes to take a look.They just got used to getting away with it. I would guarantee that if you asked them, most of them didn’t even realize the gravity of what they’d done until they had to consider the real consequences they might have to face. They knew they were wrong. They knew it was illegal. But they were so desensitized that they didn’t even canada goose factory sale really consider just how far up shit creek they’d floatedYeah but it’s more than that.Let’s say you a rob a liquor store and tell everybody about it. Nothing happens. It’s a liquor store with no cameras and no witnesses. Whatever.Then you start bragging about robbing canada goose coats banks.Now you start blogging about robbing bigger banks, but they can’t trace it to canada goose uk shop your IP address. When they review the tapes they don’t show enough to identify you, and they can’t find Canada Goose Parka any evidence or testimony to place you there. The lead investigator remembers you, and just knows you did it, but has nothing to take to court.You start tweeting it. Not that you robbed the bank, but always a “gonna Canada Goose sale be in (insert city) for the next week! Big business meeting!” They know you as a bank robber, but banks get robbed all the time, they can’t prove it. Plus now you have Canada Goose Coats On Sale people on the payroll. You’ve made a certain group of folks a big chunk of money, so they corroborate any story you tell. Some of these people are uk canada goose judges and law enforcement, so you call in favors that help you cut down any real threat at the knees. You now own a Bentley that has gold rims on it, but you prove that you paid for it with the money from your businesses. The same businesses you use to launder your dirty money.Now you’re just toying with the cops. Dropping as many hints as you want, and blatantly walking around as canada goose store if you’re untouchable.Then one day, after canada goose knocking canada goose uk outlet over armored cars and robbing banks, bribing judges to smile on your business ventures that help you explains your money laundering operations, and generally being uk canada goose outlet untouchable, you decide to rob the treasury.You’re so cocky that you tweet”Picking up a package for work!””Just a nice planning day with the boys! /crackopenacoldone””Gonna go visit some old friends at the treasury!”gunfire and explosions and car cheap canada goose uk chase”Guess I went out with a bang!!!”But this time you fucked up. Cause the FBI gets involved. So now they go Canada Goose Jackets over all of your old robberies. They show your picture to everybody in a three block radius of every establishment you’ve hit. Some old lady recognizes one of your crew. Then more people recall seeing them. So they pick up your guy and offer him a deal to flip on you. He flips. They nab you. A week ago you were untouchable, but you got canada goose uk black friday comfortable. Too comfortable. This probably isn’t the first time they’ve been investigated. This is probably the first time they’ve been hunted like they are. The FBI can investigate all it wants, but if they can’t pin anything on them, then it’s pointless.Take Al Capone. Everyone and their grandmothers knew Capone was dirty, but they ended up taking him down through tax evasion.

I’m like, Canada Goose Outlet ‘Why is he directing it like Three months after R. Kelly canada goose clearance sale was accused of running a sex cult between Chicago and Atlanta, the “I’m a Flirt” singer is now facing allegations of physical and sexual abuse from former girlfriend, Kitti Jones.In canada goose replica a new interview with Rolling Stone, Jones claims to have met Kelly at an after-party for one of his Texas concerts, eventually flying her out to Denver to spend time together. His demeanor was anything but welcoming.“He brushed past me,” Jones explained. “I’m thinking we’re going to hug or peck each other. But he plopped down on the couch Canada Goose Parka and pulled out his penis canada goose and started pleasuring himself.”Kelly’s fame buy canada goose jacket led the star-struck beauty to ignore several signs, including the crooner telling buy canada goose jacket cheap her, “I gotta teach you how to be with me” and “I gotta train you.”“He was like a drill sergeant even when he was pleasuring me,” Jones said. “He was telling Canada Goose Jackets me how to bend my back or canada goose black friday sale move my canada goose coats leg here. I’m like, Canada Goose Outlet ‘Why is he directing it like this?’ It was very uncomfortable.”The Grammy-winner reportedly punished Jones for the smallest infraction, including not going to the restroom when he told her to.“He canada goose clearance would start kicking me, telling me I was a stupid bitch [and] don’t ever get canada goose coats on sale in canada goose deals his business,” she said. He would also starve Jones and force her to have sex with other women.“Ninety-nine percent of the time, I didn’t Canada Goose Coats On Sale want to do it and I would tell him I didn’t want to do it,” Jones said. “It was the most horrible thing. canada goose outlet People look at it and go, ‘Oh, you’re grown.’ No. You have to actually be there to Canada Goose online know exactly what it felt like for a person to overpower you and cheap Canada Goose make you feel like there’s nothing for you outside of him.”After two years with the songwriter, Jones packed her belongings and flew from Chicago back to her native Dallas without a return ticket.A rep for Kelly has denied all of Jones’ accusations in canada goose store a statement to Rolling Stone.“Mr. Kelly is aware of the repeated and now evolving claims of [Ms. Jones],” Kelly’s representative wrote in a statement. “It Canada Goose Online is unfortunate that Ms. Jones, after public statements to the contrary, is now attempting to portray a relationship history with Mr. Kelly as anything other than consensual involvement between two adults. As stated previously, Mr. Kelly does not control the decision-making or force the actions of any other Canada Goose sale human being, including Ms. Jones, by her own admission. Any claim of wrongdoing of any kind or of mistreatment canadian goose jacket of any woman by him is false, ill-motivated and defamatory.”.

He will pull each testicle through the incision

Neutering Your Male Dog

Canada Goose online Male DogsThroughout my pet parent years, I have had more male dogs than I have had females, and personally, I canada goose factory sale just like male dogs better. It’s got canada goose black friday sale nothing to canada goose store do with males dogs being more this or that than female dogs, because you can find canada goose uk outlet females Canada Goose online that are just as territorial as males can get. Just like people, you’ve got different personalities for different dogs, and you just can’t say that all canada goose clearance sale male dogs are this and all female dogs are that.

canada goose But, as for why I like males canada goose dogs better, I just do. Plain canada goose uk black friday and simple, but when it comes to male dogs the one thing that I make sure of is that they get neutered. It’s a necessary procedure in my opinion.

The one thing that I find funny is men and male dogs. For some reason men just don’t want their male companion canada goose clearance neutered. It apparently takes away their manhood. Shakes head and rolls eyes

canada goose deals Personally, they look so much more attractive without the balls Canada Goose Parka dangling as they walk, but there are many logical reasons to have your canada goose parka male dog neutered. Below, you’ll find information about when, why, and how.

When to Neuter a Male DogMale dogs can be safely neutered as early as 8 weeks, although it is safer to wait until the puppy is at least 6 months old. Unlike the more involved process of spaying a female dog, neutering a uk canada goose outlet male dog is less involved becuase the parts involved in the procedure are right below the skin rather than inside the abdomen.

canada goose store If you have your male dog neutered before he is 6 months old, uk canada goose you can prevent an unwanted pregnancy, roaming, and hormone related aggression between other dogs. By neutering your dog, you will reduce testosterone related aggression and concerns, in general. You will also be reducing the risk of an enlarged prostate later in life.

Canada Goose Outlet Just remember that neutering your dog will not necessarily 100% take

away your dog’s want to roam, or have trisks with other dogs. It will

just reduce the likelihood. Also, remember that the longer you wait to

canada goose coats neuter your dog, the less likely that it will truly affect his

canada goose clearance behavior, but in more cases neutering an adult dog will truly affect a

problem dog for the better.

There is no guarantee canada goose coats on sale that neutering the dog will reduce aggression, the want to roam, or any other behavioral buy canada goose jacket problems you may be experiencing with your dog. There is a good possibility that it will help the problems, but there’s no guarantee. Just remember if you’re having behavioral problems with your dog, have him neutered in conjunction with behavioral training and obedience in order for optimum results.

Canada Goose sale What’s the Process of Neutering a DogThere Canada Goose sale are two different methods of neutering a male dog 1) surgical and 2) injections of Neutersol.

Surgical method of neutering a male dog:

The male puppy, or dog, will be put under general anesthesia, and his heartbeat, breathing, and sometimes blood pressure will be monitored by machines.

After the dog is fully anesthetized, he Canada Goose Outlet will be placed on his cheap canada goose uk back on a heated surgical table. The hair in front of the small area where the scrotum meets the sheath of the penis is shaved, and the skin is cleaned with a surgical scrub.

canadian goose jacket The vet will make an incision that’s about.5 to 1.5 inches long, depending on the size of the testicles. He will pull each testicle through the incision, clamp and tie off the attached vessel, cut the vessel, and remove the testicle.

The skin of the incision will be closed with either sutures or surgical glue.

canada goose black friday sale The anesthesia will be turned off, and the male dog will be watched until he is canada goose coats fully awake. He will then be moved to a recovery cage.

canada goose coats on sale If your male puppy is between the ages of 3 and 10 months old, you can have him neutered using injections of the sterilizing solution, Neutersol.

buy canada goose jacket The Neutersol is injected directly into the testicle while the puppy is awake. The manufacturer of Neutersol claims that “most” puppies don’t find canadian goose jacket the injections painful, but that they may experience vomiting and diarrhea.

Canada Goose Jackets The biggest drawback to Neutersol is that the dog can still product some testosterone up to 50% of normal levels which means that the canada goose uk shop dog may still be inclined to roam in search for females and get into fights with other males.

cheap Canada Goose Also, with the residual testosterone level, it puts your dog at higher risk of developing enlarged prostate later in life than he had been surgically neutered.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Can I have my dog neutered and him keep his testicles?

canada goose clearance sale Although, vets can perform a vasectomy without removing the testicles, most of them aren’t skilled enough to do so. Plus, if you have the vasectomy and leave the testicles, you aren’t eliminating testosterone production, which means Canada Goose Online that your dog may still roam, fight, and develop an enlarged prostate when older.

What Happens After the ProcedureBecause neutering a Canada Goose Jackets male dog is not as involved as spaying a Canada Goose Coats On Sale female dog, your dog will probably buy canada goose jacket cheap get to go home the same day of the procedure. And, more than likely, he’ll probably act the same and completely normal the day after the surgery.

But, you still want to try to keep the dog calm until his sutures or the glue is settled, which means walks on leashes and no roughhousing with other dogs or people. You want to try to keep your dog calm for 7 to 14 days.

Most dogs will leave the incision alone after cheap Canada Goose the surgery, but if he licks excessively at the area, you’ll want to put an Elizabethan collar on him until he loses interest in the incision or until it has healed.

Letting the Air Out of the Band: At the end of the scene with

Following Phoenix’s permanent arrival on the show, their first showdown involved her consuming a mix of sweaty sock tea and lemon juice. Even Evil Has Standards: Alcoholic bastard though he may be, Arseface refused to allow Albion’s one and only whorehouse continue its lude practices, and eventually allowed it to be turned into a refuge for fallen women. Subverted because he performed this task of incredible good will in the hopes of using, “Did I ever tell you about the time I freed a whorehouse?” as a pickup line.

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Michigan), and cited and excerpted by the Mississippi State

Not only have they offered him priceless advice , but more importantly, Marc has learned about hard work, inspiring others, and building teams, by simply observing these people who have made a difference in his life. Marc notes that you can learn a considerable amount about business and life by paying attention to people you admire including customers, co workers, competitors, and anyone you spend time with. Marc’s dad died at the young age of 49, the same age at which his dad’s dad passed away.

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Everything’s Better with Sparkles: Sushi sparkled

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On the site, pet owners can provide details such as where the

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The Unit also facilitates logistical and purchasing support to

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